New Clothes for my new Date!

I’m thinking of going on a date! Exciting news I know.

The world of dating now is such a different place to what I had imagined it to be and also to what I experienced in my younger days. One thing is constant though, and it’s the nerves that come with meeting up with someone you don’t know too well yet and bearing all (not in that way, cheeky!)

Going back onto the dating scene in your 4os and 50s can present it's own challenges, but it is doable. My new date- Read as my friends and I share ideas.

I think I’m ready to try out online dating. According to this BBC article, the best thing to do in this regard is to aim high and be patient. Easier said than done, but worth giving it a try!

Well to make sure I wasn’t the only one in my friendship groups experiencing this dilemma of over 50s dating, I had a chat with a few of my friends to get their take on things.

I’ll share some of them with you, but suffice it to say here, that all of us are in the same boat.

Janet is the most vocal of us and, while at one time she definitely wouldn’t go out with a chap unless he was vegan, she has relaxed her standards a bit. You see, there aren’t that many fish in the sea any more.

I asked her what irritates her the most about the dating scene these days and she is adamant that men’ back in her days’ were more polite and respectful.

“Telling me what to wear on the second date was stepping over the line a bit, and so he never got the chance!”

My taxi driver friend George has a totally different dilemma when it comes to the dating scene. Although he is in his forties, he finds it scary to tell a date that he has 20-year-old twin daughters and an 18-year-old son. Somehow he just feels like he will be rejected because of it and, he bases his feeling on the only date he’s ever had since his wife died.

Facing rejection is never easy and so it is hard to convince George that he still has the same charm and charisma and would make another woman happy.

Elissa, on the other hand, has been enjoying the over 40’s dating scene. She is eager to point out to anyone wanting to wade in that is the place to be!

“So far, I’ve been on 3 dates, but although they weren’t bad, I just don’t feel like I want to rush into being serious like I did when I was in my 20’s”.

And who can blame her, I must admit, I’ve had a look and, although I haven’t gone through with anything (or anyone yet, for that matter) I’ve chosen my outfit and it’s all hung up and ready for when I do decide that I have plucked up enough courage to step onto the dating scene for people like me (seniors, as I like to call it)

Want to see my outfit? Check out this post and let me know in the comments if you think it’s suitable. Is it too revealing? Or have I managed to present myself as mature, reserved, and responsible?

He won’t know, but I’ll be held in nicely with my Hunkemoller shapewear while keeping my fingers crossed for a lovely evening of relaxing conversation, exchanging pleasantries, maybe a bit of something delicious and the promise of even more exciting and worry-free days ahead.

What’s your take on dating these days? How do you feel you should be dressing, especially on a first date? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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