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On the blog, we will delve deep into discussing the products we use every day. Expect honesty. Full stop! Not everything will have glowing comments and a five-star rating. We will review and report on our findings. We will also ensure that what we review are what we are familiar with. Nothing will be reviewed here just for the sake of having a review.

After we have given our views, feel free to add your comments too, about your own findings. They might not match what we think, but that is ok too. We are each entitled to our own opinion and it is ok to differ.


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As a family, we love travelling and going places, seeing the sights,  making adventures and creating memories.

So far, we have had some wonderful experiences of finding some real ‘gems’ to visit. Conversely, we have had some costly and terrible experiences, going back to the days when we were not as travel smart and did not delve into reading travel reviews. But as the saying goes……’you live and you learn.’ Some places are quite expensive to visit. If we can, we want to spare you the financial cost, the embarrassment and the loss of a good experience. Likewise, If we have had a wonderful experience, you will know about it.

Of course, some of the reviews will be a mixture of the good and the bad and that is because we will say it as it is. You can then choose what to do with the information we put out there.


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Have you ever had an experience and you were left thinking: ‘I wish I could get my money back! Or that was absolute rubbish’? Yeah yeah yeah. I hear you, and I understand just how you feel. So let’s do something about it! Let’s make an effort to let others know how we feel about experiences we have had. Whether it be skating, bowling, dancing….whatever.

See what we think and also tell us how you feel about an experience so we can let others know. Feel free also to check out what star rating we give to each experience.


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