How to get £15 Worth of Food for £5 with Deliveroo

As penny pinchers, we are always after a bargain so we were excited to hear that you could get £15 worth of food for £5 with Deliveroo.

For some reason though, I always associated Deliveroo with the delivery of fast food. I was so wrong!

Aldi now partners with Deliveroo to get your groceries delivered to your door.  We were very excited to hear this because, although we have an Aldi store within 5 minutes’ walk from our house, we have resolved to not go into any physical building except home during the pandemic. Of course this has not been easy to do as we rely on certain medications daily.

We love Ali, and in fact, it is our favourite supermarket. The prices are good, there is a wide variety of food products available, and the quality is always good.

We particularly like Aldi for its Super Six offer where you can get a select set of fruits and vegetables each day at a reduced cost. There are also special buys and special events (for example, baby event) that happens sometimes. For these reasons, we do miss going into Aldi but for as long as the pandemic is raging and we are not vaccinated, we will continue to stay at home.

Here’s how to get the £15 worth of food for £5 with Deliveroo

  1.  Go to
  2. Search for the store (Aldi)
  3. Start selecting the products you want to order from Aldi
  4. Add each item to your basket. You will see the tally on the right-hand side
  5. When you get to £15 pounds it will notify you that you are eligible for £10 off (if it’s your first order) and also for free delivery
  6. Carry on shopping if you want to order more items.
  7. When you are ready to check out use promotion code: WEGETFOOD
  8. use your card details to make secure payment at checkout
  9. Keep the tab open and you will see constant updates on when the order is being prepared when the driver has left out, and when he is 2 minutes away!

Having this is a lifesaver for so many of us who don’t want to go out to get food supplies. In fact it’s a lifesaver for elderly or disabled people to get their groceries delivered too.

It is so convenient and they promise to deliver your grocery within 30 minutes! Mine came in about 25 minutes!

deliveroo notification of time taken to deliver groceries.

Not only was the delivery speedy and free, I now have free delivery on my grocery order from Aldi free for the next 2 weeks! Kaching! I like the sound of that.

I couldn’t believe that in a few minutes after I had put the order in, the delivery driver Rasul was actually at the door.

The groceries were carefully packaged in biodegradable bags that can be reused. I love the little focus on environmental awareness there.


I would suggest that you make use of this. If there are more than 1 adults over 18 in the household, each person can create their own account.

You can get food delivered from Waitrose, Co-op, Aldi, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. I chose Aldi because it’s the nearest supermarket to me and because they sell the fruits and veggies that we like.

So what are you waiting for? I would suggest that you get your online grocery shopping done this way and make use of the extra £10 of free groceries. The offer lasts until February 28, 2021.

Because my delivery came on time and because of the discount too, I would rate this service and experience as a 5 out of 5!

five stars
5 stars


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