10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity

We hope you are glad to stumble upon this post and we can assure you with absolute certainty that you will come away with at least 10 activities to inspire your creativity at home. Here you will find ideas that are suitable for the whole family, children included.

We are going to show you how and where to get inspiration from. There is an inspiration in nature, in books, on television, and even in your own home. My favourite place to look for ideas and activities to inspire creativity is Pinterest.

I love Pinterest because you can look for almost anything you want to search for and it will show you some examples that have been done by others before you.

Here are some ideas that I have categorised for both children as well as adults.

Creative ideas for kids

Painting rocks

Hopefully, you are able to find some smooth rocks as you go for your little walks with your little ones. Select some rocks, and let them choose their theme to get creative with. It could include bugs, the beach, animals, names, etc.

Let the little ones get creative and paint their ideas using chalk paint, acrylic paint, markers, and even colouring pencils. Then have a painted rock parade!

some painted rocks

Bug hotel

This inspires kids to think more about nature and of ways to support the ecosystem. Find step by step instructions for making a bug hotel in the garden here.

a bug hotel

Hand embroidery

Here’s a fun one for you. Get a little piece of plain coloured fabric and draw the outline of a tree with just a trunk and branches. Show your child how to do running stitches (just in and out with the needle and thread while following the outline of the tree. Once that’s done, you can help then glue on coloured buttons for the leaves. This makes a nice piece for a wall hanging. Click here to see a beautiful picture of one. You may choose to use this opportunity to teach them how to sew on buttons rather than glueing them on too! Not only is it fun and creative, but educational too.

Indoor camping

Help your little ones to plan a sleepover in the living room using only their pillows, blankets, and the seats from the sofa. You could even make a competition out of it and let them check out each other’s fortress’. If that doesn’t inspire creativity, then I don’t know what will.

a sleeping child hugging a soft toy

Easter No-sew sock bunny

I found this cute idea with the full list of materials you will need and the steps for making it. These cute bunnies can be made and used just for fun or can be used as part of a child’s bedroom decor. You can easily use the old odd sock if you can’t find it’s matching one or you may use socks that the little ones have outgrown. Have you heard of sock monkeys? Well, it’s similar.

Apart from the socks, you will need a piece of ribbon, a marker, rubber bands, a pair of scissors, and rice. Follow the easy steps here once you have gathered all the pieces.

Ideas for Adults

Create wall art using words

We recently created this wall art that we currently have on the sideboard using a piece of wood that we had got from the lumber yard and fonts from this fancy fonts site.

We used the Cricut machine and some black vinyl after buying and downloading the font as an SVG file. It was quite easy and fun to do and took just over an hour to make.

a piece of wall art that says beyond blessed

I created this video to show you just how easy it was to make. You can always check whether your nearest lumber yard will allow you to take little bits of wood that you can use too.


Design a T-shirt

using the same fonts website, you can choose fonts for designing your own t-shirts or a set of matching family t-shirts for a party at home or another family gathering.

Recycle some kitchen containers

Watch to see how we recently let our creative juices flow on these containers that would otherwise have gone in the bin.

Create a simple wall scroll

For this one, you will need a piece of brown paper, or DC Fix or any contact paper or cardstock. Get together as a family and create a saying that you all identify with.

It could be something about your ‘lockdown chronicles’ as a family or something to spark hope for the future when we won’t all have to be locked in at home.

We created this one below during the time of the Black Lives Matter movement. It really resonated with us so we composed this and shared it on our Instagram. Several persons have used the saying since.

wall scroll

Lockdown song competition

If you are from a family whose members love singing, throw out the challenge to create a ‘festival’ song inspired by words, thoughts and ideas associated with lockdown.

This can be really fun and funny. Don’t forget to have family members vote for each other and to videotape the performance too.

These are 10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity and to get us out of the rut we find ourselves in until we can go out as normal again.

Do let us know which is your favourite and which you would suggest for us too!


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