Ikea Shopping Trip Summer 2021

As part of our Wednesday Day-Date series, we recently took a trip to our nearest Ikea which happens to be in Wednesbury. This Ikea shopping trip was long overdue and was voted on by our subscribers.

We chose to go from about 10 am because, as you should know, it’s a massive store, and takes all day to really walk through and to get to all departments.

When we arrived at Ikea we were quite pleased (in a way) to see that the place was already buzzing. The massive car park was almost at capacity, and there were lots of people busy packing their stuff (mostly flat pack furniture) into their cars and other vehicles. The vehicle parking spaces were very clearly defined and areas adequately signposted. I could spot the pick up area for those who ordered online and just wanted to pick up without going into the store.


The venue, including the car park, looked quite clean and safe.

Upon entering the store through the large sliding doors, we immediately noticed that there were a few hand sanitizing stations and also that the floor was clearly marked to show the direction of travel. These covid safe guidelines made us feel a little more at ease while shopping there.

Of course we did our best to avoid any built-up areas inside the store and we also followed the covid related protocols to the best of our abilities. It was a little difficult to avoid touching some of the wares in some departments. We literally just wanted to feel what they felt like. We had our own hand gel solutions in little bottles attached to our bags so we were able to sanitize as often as we wanted to.

Ikea staff on our recent Ikea shopping trip

We did see quite a few members of staff getting on with their jobs. They seemed courteous and polite and tried to avoid getting in our way at all. We quite admired their various blue and yellow uniforms. They also made themselves available if we wanted to ask any questions.

Here in this video, you can see snippets of our Ikea visit.

Most departments were well stocked but we did see quite a few empty shelves, as you can see in the video. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the pandemic or the situation with us not being in the European Union anymore, or just that the missing items were popular and so got taken from the shelves faster than they could be replaced.

My favourite sections to visit were the kitchen, soft furnishings and also lighting. It was also great to see the new Fall/Autumn range that lends so much inspiration for ways to prepare your home for the upcoming cosy season.

In the video, you can see that we also chose to have lunch there. People always rave on about the food at Ikea. Our experience was a bit different. Maybe most people have the famous Ikea meatballs when they go there. We chose other things on the menu.

Rating the experience of our Ikea shopping trip

Usually, when we go on our Wednesday Day dates, we give a rating for the overall experience, the ambience, the food, and customer service. Well, this time was no different and you can definitely see our rating of the experience at the end of the video, right before we show you the haul of things we bought.

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