Review of Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm

Our visit to Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm was in the summer of 2021. In fact, it was towards the end of July. Schools had finally broken up for the Summer holidays and the heat was really on.

The temperature was in fact, in the 30s, quite unusual for Britain, even in the summertime. So we decided that dresses would be more appropriate. We weren’t the only ones with that thought though. Although flip flops or sandals might have looked cute, we opted for black comfy Skechers as we had quite a bit of walking to do before and after visiting the butterfly farm. Our backpacks came in handing too, to hold ice-cold bottled water, purses, a snack, keys, hand sanitizing gel, and spare face masks.

Luckily, the walk to the UK’s largest Butterfly Farm is in Stratford Upon Avon and is a nice, easy walk from anywhere in the town centre. We literally looked at the big roller coaster in the sky and walked towards it. As soon as you can see the people on the roller coaster and make out the colours of the clothes they are wearing, you are very close to the farm.

At the farm itself, there is usually a buzz as everyone heads inside. Social distancing measures were in place when we went so there was a station for sanitising hands, etc. It wasn’t very busy at all.

We were welcomed before entering the butterfly enclosures by a member of staff who showed to the entrance after explaining the necessary safety features which, on the day we visited, included what to do if we got too hot inside etc. We were advised that we could go through to the enclosures but, as it was very hot, we were free to come back out to the garden area as often as we wanted.

The enclosures had quite a tropical vibe going on. There were families with young chidren there and they seemed to be enjoying the views. There were butterflies fluttering about overhead, through the trees and plants and over and around the waterfalls. At one point I am sure I could hear birds chirping. Although I could not see the birds, the sounds did lend a sweetness to the atmosphere.

There were educational spots indoors too, with charts set out explaining things like the lifecycle of different types of butterflies and it brought back to my memory the days when I used to teach this as part of Science lessons in a secondary school where I used to teach. For a little while I wished I had those charts during my teaching days. It would have made it so much easier to explain what happens at each stage of the lifeciycle.

We were a little saddened that we didn’t get to see all the areas of the farm because the farther in you go, the hotter it got and we just didn’t cope well in the heat.

There was a little gift shop that sold the usual things like souvinirs etc. Staff were visible throughout the walk although they did not bother you at all. I found it necessary to have them around just in case we had any questions. The compound was squeaky clean and nice to be in.

We would definitely go back but we would suggest going at a cooler time of the year. It will still be quite warm and tropical inside, because of how it is set up.

Wen we went back outside, there was a nice but small garden area to walk through, and sit in. We were able to relax for a bit before leaving what was a very lovely experience.

My overall rating for the butterfly farm in Stratford Upon Avon is 4.5 out of 5.

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