My Review of the Boars Head World Buffet Restaurant

When our eldest came home for the Easter break, we grabbed the opportunity to arrange a quick family meal out to have a belated birthday celebration for him.

Having already checked out several of the eateries near to us in Erdington, Birmingham, including the popular Buffet Island, we decided this time to opt for the Boars Head restaurant which has an average rating of 4 stars on Trip Advisor.

Here are our thoughts of the Boar’s Head world buffet restaurant

See our opinion on the Boars Head World Buffet in Birmingham when we went out for a family meal recently. Is the food affordable? What of staff and cuisine?

The Ambience

We quite liked the fact that the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all and it had a lovely mix of families with small children, lads gathering for a meetup, couples on dates, and even a few wheelchair users comfortably seated and attended to.

We got chatting up to a lovely young couple who sat near to us and discovered that they met through a dating site. I would never have matched them up at all!

They spoke to us about loving the atmosphere in the restaurant too. We joked around about how we would score the restaurant out of 5. I said I would give it a 4 and they both said they would give it a 3. I joked that that would be the score I would give them as a couple too, if I were the matchmaker.

My score of 3 they said, could not come close to the top score of 5 they would give for WeLoveDates. You could tell that they meant it, just by observing their body language.

The food at Boars Head World Buffet

You know not to order drinks right away when you go to an all you can eat place. There is so much variety of food at the restaurant that we wanted to try a bit of everything.

Ofcourse, we were not successful in trying more than 5 or 6 new dishes from the array of foods mostly from Asian cuisine. I was happy to try the Chicken Korma and found out that it was quite similar to what I make at home.

My personal favourite new food that I tried was Rogan Josh. I had always heard the name of this dish but never tried it before. The lamb pieces were quite tender and the sauce was full of flavour.

The temperature of the dishes were mostly okay. We thought a few pieces could have been a bit hotter, Maybe the flame had gone out from under the chafers without the staff knowing.

The unlimited supply of ice cream was a hot with both children and adults alike and there was no shortage of small portions of sweet treats and fruits for the more health conscious.

The staff at the Boars Head World Buffet

I thought the facility was well staffed and they were quite attentive without being overbearing, something that we always appreciate. They were on hand to clear the table of used plates each time we went back for seconds and thirds.

I even got some personalised attention from the chefs who were there to fix things to order. I wish I could remember the name of the crepe style savoury product that I ordered and had made. It was very tasty and had a spicy potato filling.

The toilet facilities at Boars Head World Buffet

I always want to check this out to sort of gauge the extent to which the management of restaurants will go to serve their customers. Boars Head scored highly here as the facilities were clean and well presented. Well done there!

The final Bill

See our opinion on the Boars Head World Buffet in Birmingham when we went out for a family meal recently. Is the food affordable? What of staff and cuisine?

After about an hour and a half of socializing and eating, we requested our bill. In my estimation, the price charged is comparable to similar eateries in our area.

We are happy with the approximate cost of £14 per person and would consider going back there for a meal when we have another occasion to celebrate.

Using the average score, the Boars Head World Buffet gets a score of 3 and a half out of 5.

What’s the latest family celebration you’ve had? How would you rate the facility? Do leave us a comment in the box below.


  1. Never been there but it sounds like a very nice place especially for a family setting or just a lovely getaway.

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