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If you have been reading our content for a while, you will know that we live in the United Kingdom, where, for a good part of the year, it rains or is cold.

We do love when it is warm and summery as we get a chance to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine! Of course, that means getting garden furniture!

We have had stationary garden furniture over the years. Really nice ones that give a nice modern look to the garden. But after a while, we found that we had to be replacing the furniture every year because the previous furniture was either rusty, discolored or had mildew on or just looked really old, weather-beaten and tattered.

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A few years ago, we decided to give up on stationary garden furniture and instead go for portable ones which would suit us well when we wanted to sit in the garden and also be suitable to take away with us if we visited a park, the beach or any other social setting.

Win a sun lounger that's lightweight and portable.

We went online to look for suitable alternatives and came across these portable loungers. They ticked all the boxes we wanted and they were not expensive at all, so we bought a few for ourselves, some for family members and also some to give away on this site.

So today might be your lucky day. You are in with a chance of winning one of these loungers. We love them and think you will too. What we love about these loungers are the following.

* They are easy to transport so you can take them wherever you want.

* They come in an easy carry case that looks somewhat like a PE bag. So fun to know that you are taking your seat around with you!

* They come in a range of colors, all bright that will add some vibrancy to your garden or other location.

* The seats allow you to change to a range of sitting positions, from sitting up straight to lounging around to practically lying down.

* They are very comfortable and relaxing and people have been known to fall asleep in them on a warm sunny day.

* They do not require electricity to inflate just free air from outside. You don’t even need a pump of any sort!

* When the sunny season is over and you want to put away your ‘summer furniture’ then it is easy to just deflate your lounger, put it in its carry case and pack it away for the next sunny season. We really do love our sun loungers.

perfect for lazing around in

So what do you need to do to win one of these beauties? Just read this post and comment on why you think you deserve one and you might just get one and your favourite outdoor summer memories. You must live in the United Kingdon and be at least 18 years old. Good luck. These sun loungers have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from us.

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    1. Sitting on a wall round the paddling pool in the park when my children were young splashing around having fun!

  1. So I can relax at home and at my parents during a teachers well deserved 6 week summer holidays!

  2. I went camping with my family in March and we had a great time together. My husband played the flute and we sang songs and we had some lovely food to enjoy. We made a fire and then toasted marshmallows over the fire and then watched the stars in the sky.

  3. Going to the beach with my mum brother, sister, and my auntie and cousins, we would take a picnic with jam buttys and they would always end up with sand in them

  4. saw these for the first time in Thailand in Feb this year – no sun loungers are allowed on the beach but these were allowed – they are so comfy – would love to win one for the garden and days out at the beach – they are fab x

  5. Long long summers where every day was spent either playing cricket or going fishing !. If only life was still that simple.

  6. Sitting in a meadow surrounded by wild flowers and insects drinking cider with my friends

  7. 1976 hottest summer ever, paddling pool always out, water fights, having to get water form the taps in the street. awesome times

  8. I used to love playing in the fields behind my house with my friends. We would go exploring, there was one hidden wood we called the magic wood with a tree swing and stream. Id love to go back to those days! Xx

  9. so many happy memories of family bbqs and the best one was two years ago when all my siblings and their families were there following my wedding in Ireland as the last time we were together. Another family event coming up soon so looking forward to a repeat but at my house in London this time

  10. Favourite summer memory was water fights as a child and now i enjoy watching (and sometimes joining in) with my children having water fights too

  11. Great prize giveaway now the sun is here! My lounger has just broken so this would be ideal!

  12. Taking my son to the seaside for the first time when he felt the soft sand with his feet

  13. My favourite outdoor summer memory was climbing mountains with my mum and dad in the lake district many years ago

  14. This would be brilliant seen them at festivals they look so comfy. I have 2 old fishing chairs that have seen better days, so this would be bliss.

  15. summer memories last summer when it was super sunny for what felt like forever. I was pregnant and spent most of it submerged in a huge paddling pool eating ice. Fingers crossed for more of the same this year (the weather, not the pregnancy).

  16. It has to be at the Derbyshire sausage and cider festival last year. My first ever festival and I’m in my 30’s!! I hate camping, but I really tried to enjoy it and actually, had a wonderful time.

    1. Yearly caravan holidays with my family are always my favourite part of the summer! We’ve done in since we were young and have always continued it as my grandparents used to love it!

  17. We’re the same – our garden furniture rarely comes out of the shed but these look like fun and flexible too.

  18. My favourite summer memory is the roadtrip my friends and I took around Scotland the summer after uni graduation

  19. Long walks with my dog is always good, but specifically whenever we take her to the beach it makes her so happy.

  20. It would be lovely to relax on this after having my baby earlier this year. I still can’t get about very well but I love watching him play in the garden.
    My favourite summer memory will hopefully be this year playing with my son and his sandpit πŸ™‚

  21. I think my favourite summer memory would be family picnics to the beach. We would usually end up with a ton of sand on the sandwiches but still have to eat them and mum would be very strict and not let us go swimming until an hour afterwards.

  22. My father was in the RAF, so as a kid I lived in many places across Europe. We used to Caravan all over the place for Holidays, and my best memories were in the beautiful Lake Garda area.

  23. Swimming in the sea for the first time in Singapore with my sister when I was little, was lovely apart from getting hit in the chin with a coconut

  24. I loved the summer of 1976. Playing out with my friends in the summer that seemed to last forever xx

  25. Spending a few nights in the summer having a bbq and staying outside chatting till it goes dark

  26. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, from Los Angeles to San Francisco with the most stunning views over the ocean!

  27. Mine is one summer when my stepdaughter was staying over for the weekend and all of a sudden we went on a mad one got the water guns out water bombs and the hose pipe! we were drenched but was so funny

  28. Going to Cornwall as a kid with my family, and spending the whole time on the beach. EPIC!

  29. my first holiday abroad, france by ferry, strangely i remember being pushed through a window to retrieve a tin opener

  30. The first time we got a slip and slide, my 18 year old niece tried it and kept sliding afterwards that she ended up at the other side of the massive garden!

  31. Going to Mauritius for the school summer holidays when we were younger. Lots of lovely memories with family there πŸ™‚

  32. I have fond memories of seaside holidays at the beach with buckets and spades when I was a child in the 60’s

  33. Meeting up with all my family, cousins, aunts and friends and all getting together for a picnic and playing games. We all had great fun and do it every summer.

  34. Climbing Mam Tor with the kids for the first time was a great memory! we had so much fun getting to the top

  35. When my boys were younger we had great fun playing in the garden with bubbles! The boys always wore their wellies regardless of the weather πŸ˜€

  36. Playing out all the time in the summer holidays and then hearing the jingle coming from the ice cream van

  37. I have a lovely memory of last summer of having a beach bbq with my brother and his family while our kids paddled in the sea.

  38. I have so many, with my parents being farmers we were outdoors alot but my favourites are probably the evenings at the beach with my dad.
    Whwn my mum was working at home he used to take me and my sister to the beach so she could concentrate

  39. All my memories of Summer are totally good ! I absolutely love Summer, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I love being able to spend time outside and all the extra daylight hours we get too. If I’m spending time with friends at the beach or in the garden I’m at my happiest.

  40. Has to be our trip to Hollywood! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, we did Universal Studios which my son loved! I can soooo see me reading on this lounger!

  41. Our trip to Loch Lonond with the whole family! Picnic and enjoying our first time learning how to canoe. We had such a fab time!

  42. My favourite memories always include my beautiful mum, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. She was always so full of fun and thought of so many different ways to fill the Summer days: picnics, paddling in the sea, going for drives in the country and to the seaside. My mum had so much energy. I miss her …. but she left us with brilliant memories! πŸ™‚ x

  43. My favourite childhood memories are playing on the beach in Cornwall in our family holidays they felt like the longest summers when I was younger

  44. Going to the seaside and flying our kites on the beach,then sitting on the pier eating fish and chips drowned in vinegar and tomato ketchup.

  45. Would be perfect to take camping to Wales this summer – if this rain continues I’ll be able use it as a lilo! Plus watching me try to get off it will give the kids a laugh!

  46. I love camping with my family in the summer. As a child I would spend the days on the beach with my family splashing in the cold British sea, playing badminton on the beach, building sandcastles and mooching in the rock pools. My happiest childhood memories are of the sun, the sea and family all in the same place.

  47. Perfect for going abroad: we go abroad usually twice a year. The one place is our yearly retreat to a beautiful Greek island totally unspoilt by mass tourism. Looking to bring new loungers etc across as ours are old. This would be perfect and no need to store it out here either

  48. Last Summer in our garden, the kids are old enough now to start spending all day out there and we had so much fun in the paddling pool and slip n slide and the hose. It was great family time!

  49. My favourite summer memory is going on a caravan holiday with my mum, my aunt, and my cousin. I was about 7 or 8, and I remember sitting on the grass, being really absorbed in a book. I always was introverted!

  50. It’s the favourite family memory which we have to repeat every year. We meet up with friends and have a beach chalet per family next to each other. We are now in the 4th generation and we love it so much it will continue for many more.

  51. As a child we would go camping for 2 weeks every summer. every year without fail my dad would create our very own slip and slide. a huge tarpoline, covered in soaps and with buckets of water thrown down it. we would take it in turns to fly down the slide for hours every day we just loved it. there was never a time when it didnt attract the attention of every other camper and often resulted in holiday friends

  52. V festival 2 years ago, first festival been to. Had VIP guest tickets amazing experience and weather was perfect

  53. I have so many wonderful summer memories. I just love the sun, lighter evenings, and relaxed pace as the days seem so much lomger.

  54. Picking strawberries and raspberries on a farm with my parents, and eating more than we actually collected!

  55. I love to sunbathe and I love to read, so with this I could work on my death pallor and sharpen my brain in comfort.

  56. Finding an empty beach on the Isle of Mull with my sister on a glorious sunny day and having a BBQ. We forgot cooking implements and cutlery so had to find some cleanish sticks to turn the sausages.

  57. Tell us about your favourite outdoor summer memory
    going blackberry picking with my mum, who is sadly no longer with us

  58. Family picnics in the sun in Wales are my fondest memories – every year when I was younger x

  59. I remember fishing (with a hand fishing net) when I was little and paddling in the river at Bolton Abbey while my family had a picnic on the grass beside me

  60. My favourite Sunny Summer memory is being on holiday with my brother in Rimini, Italy. It was many years ago, we were so lucky with the weather :- Heatwave. Great being outdoors, the Italians were so friendly, food delicious, etc. Can remember us eating outdoors, enjoying wonderful ice cream (with fruit) sundaes, as a delicious treat.

  61. Sitting on the grass whilst supposed to be revising … but really listening to the world cup football!

  62. my 11 yo daughter wants one of these however i’m off work for the next 5 weeks with a broken heel so i think i’ll be using in more πŸ™‚

  63. it has to be the huge family picnics we have in the summer where we meet up with my brothers and their families in a large Brighton park

  64. Last summer when my daughter (Our first) was 5 months old I spent a day at the manifold valley with her while her daddy went exploring the caves. It was gloriously sunny and we sat in the shade playing, when she fell asleep I read a book and listened to the birds. It was absolutely fabulous and stayed with me for the rest of the summer πŸ™‚

  65. Being an aussie summer just speaks to my heart. So many memories of summer. Beach days, camping fishing oh the good times

  66. I worked in spain during the summer last year made so many friends and loved being in a hot country

  67. I would love one for my gardenπŸ’š… So I could relax & dream of being somewhere exotic πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžβ˜˜πŸ’šβ˜˜πŸ’šβ˜˜πŸ’šβ˜˜πŸ’šβ˜˜πŸ’š

  68. Empty garden right here just begging for something to lounge on. Here’s hoping 🀞🏼

  69. my fave memory is holidaying with my parents, grandparents, anuties, uncles and cousins when I was a lot younger, there was about 20 of us. all the kids playing and just having a fantastic time

  70. My fav memory is from when I was around 9 years old. On a Sunday afternoon we used to sit in the garden, as a family, and wait to hear the ice-cream van. Us kids would rush out and get a slab of ice cream and some waffers and Mum would make ice cream sandwiches for us. Happy days!

  71. Filling up the cool box & the boot with all the beach stuff, climbing into the car and heading down the Llyn Peninsular to find a lovely sandy beach for the day as a kid, that’s the best summer memories I have!

  72. Rock pooling in Cornwall with my Dad and brother when I was six years old on a picture perfect sunny day x

  73. Hiking up a local hill and blackberry picking as a child, with some cardboard sliding to get back down

  74. Last week we hosted a BBQ in our garden and it was brilliant. thanks for the chance to win this fab prize

  75. Hot summer days in the late 70’s and I was a young music teacher taking my recorder group out to summer fairs at the weekend to entertain the public. Those days were magical for me, I hope the children (!) remember them fondly.

  76. Mine would be the joint birthday party me and my friend Kim had when we were kids it was a beautiful day and we had a great time

  77. Playing hide and seek in my local park with my brother when we were kids. So much fun! And we got ice cream afterwards

  78. A favourite memory is going camping as a family when I was young. We went to the west coast of Scotland, had fantastic weather and climbed to the top of Ben Nevis.

  79. Being on holiday in Zakynthos and travelling back to our hotel by taxi on a sunny afternoon. The taxi driver sang us Greek songs all the way back and it was wonderful!

  80. Spending sunny days with my husband and four daughters at a friends chalet, high up on the cliffs in Cornwall. Paddling, swimming, building sandcastles and plenty of al fresco eating.

  81. I remember great camping holidays with my family and cousins. We all had so much fun trying new activities on the site and visiting new places.

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