Make Money in Your Spare Time With QMEE

OK, I too was skeptical when I first heard about doing surveys and getting paid.

When you don’t know, you just don’t know. But then I found out.

How did I get started with QMEE

I actually heard my sister talking about a post she had read on Pinterest by someone who claimed to be making money by doing surveys and one such survey site was QMEE.

So of course, I Googled it and did a little reading. Here’s what I found:

  1. You can download the QMEE extension
  2. You can use it on a tablet or computer
  3. You can create an account
  4. You can link your Paypal account so that you can receive your payments
  5. At the start, you just do your online browsing and shopping as normal and are rewarded a small amount of change (money) when certain searches are done. I first noticed this when I searched for Pink Clove
  6. You can choose to keep your money with the QMEE browser extension or transfer it to Paypal right away. I usually transfer it to Paypal (so if something goes wrong I would still have my money
  7. After using QMEE for a little while, you will notice that you have the option of completing surveys that pay!
  8. Complete the surveys and earn even bigger amounts of cash
  9. QMEE has even upped their game and now are offering even more cash for referring a friend, switching energy suppliers, mobile phone plans, and TV service suppliers.
  10. The more often you complete surveys and answer the daily quiz question, the better your streak, and the more money you earn.

When do I find time to use QMEE?

Well for one, I work from home so, on my downtimes or breaks, I complete surveys that are usually fun and or interesting.

If I happen to be waiting in line for anything, for example at the doctors, etc I do a survey or two and send the cash across to my Paypal and then bank account.

A few drawbacks…

Sometimes you may be timed out or screened out of a survey. If you are not paid, you just need to make a note of the name and number of the survey, and the time you completed it. Email these details to They are always quick to answer and very supportive in getting it sorted.

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